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Dept. of Visual Communication Design

Our Society needs designers with professional techniques and knowledge to meet the various requirements in the technical and industrial society, and to pursue a better life for the present and future. Therefore our department of Visual Communication Design provides students with the education of basic principles in all the design fields. It aims at developing capable designers whom our society demands, as well as satisfying the aesthetic requirements of modern life with effective methodology and advanced creative formative arts.

Subject Overview

Development of Design
Development of Design provides information related to the overall design in industry and helps in the selection of careers.
History of Art
History of Art focuses on chronological and regional characteristics and patterns of Western art and provides the fundamental knowledge required in creative works.
Practice of Color
Practice of Color provides an opportunity to practice and understand the concept and arrangement of colors.
Dessin helps improve presentation skills and gives an understanding of expressive methods, descriptions and shapes of objects that are the basis of formative activity. It teaches expression in design elements, such as sketching and idea formation.
Basic Design I
Basic Design I imparts principles and a sense of design and develops capabilities that are subliminally inherent in individuals and establishes students' concept of design.
Computer Design I
Computer Design I teaches the fundamental applications and provides an understanding of computer systems and aims to solidity the basic capabilities of Computer design.
Imagery in Design
Imagery in Design trains creative flexibility and the transformation of abstract ideas to concrete images as required in design.
Practice of Design
This course allows student to practice every major subject through workshop practice.
Typography aims to build up the ability to express shapes, forms, and written characters, structure and identification.
Graphic is to convey the various expressing elements of graphic design.
Basic Design II
Basic Design II develops creative ideas based on fundamental design principles and theories and improves detailed design.
Computer Design II
Computer Design II provides understanding of visual expression using computer graphic software.
Basic Photography
Basic Photography teaches the basic techniques and processes for expressing photo images.
Expression of Graphic Design
Expression of Graphic Design teaches techniques regarding various expressive elements of graphic design.
Theory of Design
Theory of Design cultivates future-oriented creativity and talents for new and novel designers who are able to adapt to modern life styles through the study of overall design.
Advertising Design I
Advertising Design I fosters fundamental business capabilities that are required in advertisement design performance. This course allows practice in each advertisement production process and provides an understanding of the characteristics of each media as well as the general concept of advertisement.
Corporate Identity Design I
Corporate Identity Design I builds design development capabilities for basic systems through project performance. It also provides an understanding of corporate identity concepts and processes.
Advertising Illustration IㆍII
Advertising Illustration IㆍII fosters various expression methods and configuration abilities of illustration applying visual media and cultivates the application ability.
Editorial Design IㆍII
Editorial Design IㆍII practices production of publications and advertisement print works and teaches print and plate making processes. This course builds up the application capabilities for practical business by developing an art work sense of layout and typographies.
Web Animation
Web Animation trains students on computer software as effective information delivering tools for the web and cultivates application capabilities for practical businesses such as animation and web design.
Package Design I
Package Design I analyzes concepts and functions of packages and practices exterior package design such as brand name, illustration, typography, etc.
Digital Photography
Digital Photography changes photo images to digital data as required in design business and teaches application of computer software techniques. This course allows students to practice application methods for effective photography.
On-the-Job Training
On-the-Job Training cultivates application capabilities for industrial sites through practice with related industries.
Advertising Design II
Advertising Design II cultivates the capability to perform advertisement production in depth by establishing specific projects that focus on print media, such as news, magazines, etc.
Corporate Identity Design II
Corporate Identity Design II allows students to engage in corporate identity design projects. It also develops and practices Application System Design and produces a corporate identity manual.
Multimedia Design
Multimedia Design teaches concepts and production processes of multimedia and related software. It also builds up the capability to perform homepage design production.
Package Design II
Package Design II practices three dimensional package design that attract attention through various materials.
Creative Methodology
Creative Methodology trains theory and methodology of creative ideas for realizing design purposes.
Study of Exhibition
Study of Exhibition instructs and manages graduation work exhibition.
This study practices the understanding of how design works and the details of 2D computer graphics, from drafting of graphic manuscripts to photoengraving and printing.
Theory of Visual Design
Students learn the recent principles and theories of visual design by preparing and participating in regular seminars, presentations, and completing a wide-range of readings and research projects.
Expression technique
This course helps students to gain a better perception of perspective and a basic aspect of modeling action. It also expands one’s knowledge of understanding perspective and the ability of expression.


Public relations offices of the large firms, Design development departments of firms, Self-employment as designer and illustrator, Web master, Web designer, Character designer.