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Dept. of Fashion Design

In the Fashion Design a transition from a labor-intensive system to a knowledge-based system is taking place. Accordingly this major aims to help students prepare for this new change and acquire necessary skills and professional knowledge required by the industry. Eventually students will become qualified professionals who will contribute to the development of the Fashion Design.

Subject Overview

Practice of Design
This course allows students to practice every detailed major subject through workshop practice.
This course increases sketching skills and teaches expressive methods to describe the shapes of objects that are the basis of formative activity.
Apparel Making I
This course teaches basic sewing methods of Western clothing, manufacturing and designing of clothes, and allows students to develop upon their fashion design sense.
Computer Fashion Design I
This course teaches about fundamental applications and provides an understanding of computer systems and aims to solidify the basic capabilities of Computer design.
Fashion Drawing
Fashion Drawing teaches methods to express fashion design.
Fashion Textiles
This course provides an understanding of the special features and uses of clothing textiles and applies textiles to fashion design.
Flat Pattern Making I
Flat Pattern Making I covers a variety of slopers, collars, sleeves and bodice styling.
Men’s Wear Design
This is a course for the development in men’s wear design. The basic theory and needs for developing men’s wear are discussed.
Apparel Making II
This course is an advanced course for clothing construction and improving sewing techniques and methods for expression of creative designs. Prerequisite: Apparel Making I
Computer Fashion Design II
This course provides an understanding and application of fashion design software. Prerequisite: Computer Fashion Design I
Fashion Illustration I
Fashion Illustration I activates visual formative language and an expressive ability of fashion design.
Fashion Trend
This is a study of the effects of Eastern and Western cultures on the development of fashion. We examine the relationship of social, psychological, economic, demographic, and lifestyle trends to fashion trends.
Flat Pattern Making II
This course uses master patterns in developing basic concepts as well as original designs according to professional standards.
Prerequisite: Flat Pattern Making I
Draping for Fashion Design I
This course introduces basic draping principles as a method to provide 3 dimensional forms for original design concepts.
Apparel Design
Apparel Design studies how to design and manufacture clothes and develop fashion designs.
Fashion History and Civ.
Fashion History and Civ. studies fashion design according to cultural and periodical changes and develops creative fashion designs.
Fashion Illustration II
This is an advanced fashion illustration class, stressing on the student’s own illustration style. Prerequisite: Fashion Illustration I
Fashion Collection I
This course analyzes fashion trends. It also practices and develops creative fashion designs.
Traditional Korean Clothing
Traditional Korean Clothing studies characteristics and history of tradition Korea costume and design.
Draping for Fashion Design II
Draping is used to develop silhouettes that stress proportion and perspective. Prerequisite: Draping for Fashion Design I
Computer Aided Flat Pattern Design
In this course, students learn about computer aided design for patternmaking and understanding its creative potential through a hands-on experience.
Study of Exhibition
Study of Exhibition instructs and manages graduation work exhibition. Prerequisite: Fashion Collection I & II
Fashion Marketing Practices
This course examines fashion marketing strategies. It involves basic marketing principles, concepts, and practice utilized in the operation of fashion-oriented businesses.
Fashion Collection II
Fashion Collection II designs clothes according to the fashion forecast and produces actual fashion works. Prerequisite: Fashion Collection I
Fashion Coordination
Coordination and execution of current trends in merchandise presentation, and principles can be practiced.
On-the-Job Training
On-the-Job Training applies specialized knowledge and techniques learned in school and cultivates practical business capabilities through in-depth training in the fashion industry.
Fashion CAD
This is a hands-on course that focuses on the principles of fabric construction and fabric illustration by using the CAD program


Fashion Designer, Patternist. Merchandiser, Displayer, Fashion Buyer, Fashion Coordinator, Colorist, Fashion Illustrator, Fashion Model, Inspector, Fashion Advisor, Knit Designer, Character Designer, Shop master, Textile Designer. Modelist, Stylist, Converter, Fashion Documentarian, Fashion editor