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General Information


신구대학교 총장 이 숭 겸

Your Dream is Shingu’s Dream!

Shingu College has left great and distinctive marks in the history of practical and professional education in Korea. Shingu College, a prestigious institution in the Seoul metropolitan area, with its 46 years of splendid tradition is now moving to cultivate talented global people for the 21st century who can cope with the changes of future societies.

Shingu has many advanced educational programs. Shingu offers student-centered management, industrial-educational networks closely connected with various fields, international educational programs ahead of other schools, and thorough career guidance that help contribute to the development of latent faculties, and other services and programs. These programs will elevate our students to global leaders combining both ability and humanity preparing them for the next generation. Shingu College appreciates your dreams and youthfulness. That is because Shingu, who pursues the establishment of a society based on education, finds it a necessary duty to guide your steps in the path of righteousness so that your dreams should blossom. Challenge Shingu with your youth and confidence. Thirty-five specialized major areas in six disciplines are here to take you to the world of new satisfaction. Prepare your bright future with Shingu.
Your dream is Shingu’s dream!