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Dept. of Information & Communication Security

In the present day, the internet serves as a platform for a knowledge-based society. we create specialists who have the professional skills of information technology. We offer high quality courses to our students. They will learn about basic information processing of the Internet, detail concepts of web servers and web programming, application abilities in the internet Business, and finally specialized skills in information technology.

Subject Overview

Introduction to Design
This subject aims to teach the basic designs of a website as a whole. In this part we cover the fundamentals of basic design and web design concepts, layout methods and conceptual color selection.
Introduction to Computer Science
Introduction to Computer Science teaches the proper understanding of computer history, basics of computer operation and the function of each part of a computer. our goal is to help our students adapt to the variety of practical business environments, that requires correct and basic knowledge of computer.
Information Processing Practice
Information Processing Practice teaches about the basic capabilities of computers processing. It includes the Word Processor, Spreadsheets that can be used to make various reports, numeric diagrams and effective presentation of data production, etc.
Programming Practice
C/C++ is a computer language that is required to understand and learn about computers programming concepts. This is the foundation needed to study high quality Internet programming. The basic grammar of C/C++ language such as loops, arrays, pointers, structure functions and many more are the contents of this course.
Homepage Construction Practice
Homepage Construction Practice teaches the basic methods needed to create homepages using HTML and having a basic knowledge of the Internet. In this subject, we teach basic principals of the internet to allow students to understand how HTML presentations appear in various web browsers and basic applications of web editor for effective homepage constructions.
Graphic Design
In web designing, graphic elements should be included with text information in order to create a more refined and magnificent homepage. The purpose of this course is to teach the methods for creating graphic elements used in homepage design. Here we teach how to create various graphic elements according to the needs of individuals by learning skillful applications of the graphic production tools.
Internet Practice
It is necessary to study well-established web sites in order to become an Internet expert. This course aims to develop future Internet specialists by surveying well-established Internet sites.
Web Database
Web Database is needed to store and utilize user information and other data for the operation of web sites such as Internet shopping malls. This course teaches the basic knowledge of databases and how they are linked with web applications.
UNIX Practice
Understanding of the UNIX operating system precedes the establishment and operation of web servers. This course provides opportunities to learn system management based on UNIX operation system applications.
Visual Programming
Visual Programming is a course connected to the preceding Programming Practice. This course teaches object-oriented concepts such as class/object, functions/operator overloading, inheritance and virtual function that are based on visual programming.
Web Programming IㆍII
Web Programming IㆍII teaches PHP and ASP programming techniques for creating high quality web applications. Creating elements that are often used in web applications such as bulletin boards and counters will be discussed on in this class.
Internet Programming
This subject teaches about DHTML (Dynamic HTML) and JavaScript, help in the creation of dynamic homepages. this subject offers more advanced homepage techniques than the basic HTML homepage techniques.
Web Animation
The importance of web animation techniques in Internet application is growing day by day. This course teaches how to create web animation operations in various web environments.
Web Database Design and SQL
This course teaches about practical web production, including Internet database. In this regard, this course lectures on database linkage with Internet programs by teaching SQL language.
Introduction to Information Communication
Internet application fields tend to expand rapidly. Therefore the purpose of this course is to present various Internet technologies in depth by teaching the fundamentals of overall information and communication that is the basis of the Internet. This course teaches about basic communication theories, OSI protocol understanding and wireless mobile communication.
JAVA Programming
JAVA Programming teaches overall web programming using JAVA. This course lectures upon basic language grammar, core package, and client/server programming of the JAVA program.
Advanced Homepage Construction
Advanced Homepage Construction aims to teach many methods for creating high quality homepages. This course teaches how to use various homepage production tools to create a high quality homepage.
Web Sever Construction and Administration
Great knowledge is required in order to establish and operate web servers, This course teaches about the methods of web server construction, based on MS windows and on UNIX/Linux. It helps students develope practical abilities to operate servers.
Internet Security
Security issues on the Internet are becoming more and more important. This course teaches an overall understanding of Internet security as well as practical aspects of TCP/IP security, UNIX security, and web security. Lectures will focus on case studies of various types of hacking and anti-hacking methods. This course also teaches encryption theories for security algorithms based on public key and private key, viruses and firewalls.
Practical Case Study Project
This course aims to cultivate competitive Internet experts who are able to experience some aspects of practical business through training exercises similar to actual circumstances.
Internet Business
Internet Business teaches how to successfully operate Internet individual or small-sized enterprises. This course provides successful business models and methods to create profit via case studies. This course also teaches various commercial activities found on the Internet and develops knowledge necessary to be an Internet expert after graduation.
On the Job Training
On the Job Training provides an opportunity to learn and experience Internet techniques required in industry sites.
Web Application Programming
This course aims to cultivate professional adaptability by creating high quality web sites on the Internet. Techniques learned from each stage of JAVA programming and Database technologies are applied to create high quality web sites as close as possible to actual web sites.
New Internet Technology
It is important to learn the latest technologies for an Internet expert because Internet technologies are improving everyday. This course cultivates adaptability with industry sites by teaching the latest Inherent technologies.
Web Master Practice
Web Master Practice teaches various practical technologies to operate a web site. It also cultivates capabilities to operate web servers in an UNIX/Linux environment and to use other techniques related to web servers under a Window environment.
Communication Protocol
Communication Protocol builds up the ability of an Internet expert by teaching various protocols used on the Internet. This course lectures on operation principles of diverse protocols related to the Internet such as ARP, TCP/IP, ICMP, UDP, DNS, and IPv6. This course also provides an opportunity to learn about wireless Internet protocol that is becoming more and more recognized as an important sector of the internet.


Web Master, Web Programmer, Web Developer, Web Designer, Internet Architecturer, Information Provider... Any part of the internet industry and business, including information and communication industries.