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Dept. of Global Hotel Tourism

Our aim is to cultivate students with qualifications suitable for tourism and English majored areas through a systematic approach to language training. Our department also intends to develop well-rounded citizens with proper values for the Korean tourism industry and society by focusing on cultural education.

Subject Overview

English Listening Practice
English Listening Practice provides the opportunity to experience real-life English with clear and accurate images and sounds via state of the art audio visual systems.
Tourism English Conversation for I, II
English Conversation for Tourism I, II trains vocational capabilities utilizing English conversation as required in various tourism fields. The goal of this course is to extend student's knowledge of tourism and to teach practical knowledge related to general overseas travel.
English Grammar
English Grammar systematically teaches the structure of English grammar as connected to the development of English utilization.
Readings in Tourism English
Currently, tourism is a subject being developed as a national industry. This course teaches large-scale tourism knowledge by dealing with regions, weather, culture, tradition, geography, development and so forth.
Introduction to Tourism Management
Introduction of Tourism Management teaches the meaning of tourism through a business administrative approach of studying major areas of tourism and basic theories of tourism.
Tourism Resources
Tourism Resources teaches practical knowledge regarding tourism development theories and detailed development of tour products as based on classification and utilization of tourism resources.
Practical English Conversation I, II, III, IV
Practical English Conversation I, II, III, IV systematically trains students to utilize proper English that is suitable for actual circumstances by gradually increasing students' communicative levels from basic conversation upwards through conversational practice.
International Tourism
International Tourism teaches practical knowledge based on in-depth themes and regions by focusing on successful case studies of major tourism developments in foreign countries. This course also studies the current state and basic theories of international tourism.
Business English Conversation I, II
Business English Conversation I, II practices English communication. It creates basic circumstances that are required in business life and teaches students to perform business using English while emphasizing listening and speaking exercises.
Tourism Regulations
Tourism Regulations deal with current laws related to tourism including basic tourism law, tourism promotion law and other relevant laws.
Hotel Business
Hotel service is basically structured on guest rooms, food & beverage and other services but it also includes facilities where meetings, such as international conferences, are held. This course deals with theories and practices regarding the organization of hotel management, guest room management, safety management, energy management and so forth.
On-the-Job Training
On-the-Job Training cultivates the ability to adapt and utilize knowledge learned from school through participation with practical businesses on actual industry sites that are involved with travel business or tourism.
Tourism Marketing
Tourism Marketing lectures on the latest marketing methods, including traditional marketing theories so as to understand reasonable tourism business management. This course provides detailed marketing examples of successful companies.
Business English Composition
Business English Composition teaches various English communication skills, such as writing letters, resumes, faxes, and e-mail that are likely to occur in commercial transactions.
Practice of food service
This course is designed to enable students to learn practical skills for food and beverage service, and for restaurant management in the tourism field. This course also teaches international etiquettes for food service.
Introduction to Computers
This course is a general introduction to computers. Students learn how to become familiar with the usage of computer hardware and software. Some of the Main contents are word processing, Power Point, basic programming and other application packages.
Understanding of world Cultures
The aim of this course is to introduce students to a variety of cultures and world heritage; such as folk arts, music, food, religion and tangible and intangible cultural aspects. Through this course, students will understand the difference between Eastern and Western cultures and expand their ability to explain each culture properly to both foreign and Korean tourists.
TOEIC is a general English test for students in Korea. TOEIC scores currently are also important to get a job. So this course is designed for students to enhance their TOEIC score by studying basic TOEIC skills and taking practice tests in class.
Practice of Travel and Airline Business
Students will learn about domestic and international airline services; such as reservation and ticketing. Also, general business skills of travel service, including making tour programs, marketing, tour guiding, and accounting will be taught.
Field Research
There are no lectures in this course. Instead, one big project which is related with tourism or English, will be given to individuals or groups during the semester. Students will have a good opportunity to practice research planning, skills, discussion, writing and presentation.
Voluntary Service for Community
This is A course designed to help students understand their community. Through this course students will get to know the significance of volunteer services, and how to help others. Philanthropy is an important aspect to consider in our society.
English Pronunciation Practice
This main objective of this course is to gain an understanding of the nature of human speech and to become more knowledgeable about English phonology (sounds, word stress, intonation, and linking of words within sentences) with an emphasis on acquiring a native-like English pronunciation.
Media English
This main objective of this course is to be familiar with advanced and refined English expressions in the media. At the same time students will gain a better understanding of English-spoken societies and their cultures in real life through selected movies spoken in English.
Basic Chinese writing
Chinese writing is very popular in Korea. In particular, the tourism industry often uses Chinese characters. This course offers a wide knowledge of basic Chinese writing for students in their daily life, and in the tourism field.
Speech & discussion
Good speech & discussion is essential for our social life. This course is designed to teach students about effective communication based on proper speech & discussion. Many visual materials will be available for these classes. Understanding of Career path & information society All students want to know their career path after graduation. This subject will be a good course for freshman to understand how to prepare for their career during their time here. Many guest lecturers will be invited, and a lot of national certificates that are related to tourism will be introduced to students.
History of Korean culture
All foreign tourists will be interested in the Korean culture. Presenting a different culture to tourists is an absolutely valuable asset in tourism. Therefore, our students must thoroughly about the History of Korean culture.
Studying about tourism companies
Tourism companies are going through a lot of change, and the tourism business is also getting tough. Students can learn about the special characteristics of many different tourism companies through this course. Case studies will be available throughout many of the lectures.
Tourism Information system
The information system is now very widely used in the tourism industry. Tourism business based on the internet is getting more and more popular. Students should learn how to use the information system in tourism companies such as hotels, travel agencies, and airline companies.
Practice of Event & Convention
Event & convention is very appealing in the tourism industry. The Korean government is very interested in hosting international events and conventions like the olympic games, and the world-Expo. There will be a continual need of professional experts. PCO will be a very good job in the future for students.


Resort hotel, Travel agency, Restaurants, Airline company, Duty free shop.