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Dept. of Dental Technology

Dental laboratory technicians are needed to help maintain good oral hygiene for koreans, along with the development of dental technology, equipment and materials. Courses for the fabrication of dental prostheses and removable orthodontics are taught in this major. Excellent technicians are produced with experience through actual practice in the student laboratory.

Subject Overview

Dental Material IㆍII
This course gives an understanding of physiology, types of required materials, and chemical and mechanical properties. This course also teaches structure, handling, and control required in the production of dental prosthesis and orthodonti appliances.
Practice of Dental Morphology
This course teaches the basics needed to produce dental prosthesis by understanding the relationship between the physiological shape of teeth and the surrounding parts and movements of the lower jaw.
Dental Morphology
Dental Morphology provides a basis for producing dental supplements by teaching techniques and creating actual teeth shapes through drawing and carving physiological tooth formations.
Synopsis of Art
Synopsis of Art trains observation and description of colors by sketching basic anatomical structures (including bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and the oral cavity) located mainly in the mouth and lower jaw.
Oral Anatomy
Oral Anatomy teaches about the overall knowledge related to structural characteristics of teeth and the surrounding oral organs including bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and the related oral cavity in order to produce dental prosthesis.
Introductive Dental Laboratory Technology
Introductive Dental Laboratory Technology teaches overall knowledge of oral health preservation, medical systems, definitions and an overview of dental engineering fields. This course also addresses professional ethics and small-sized enterprise management.
Fixed Prosthodontic Laboratory Technology IㆍII
Fixed Prosthodontic Laboratory Technology IㆍII studies dental prosthetics and methods (gold, metal, acrylic resin and dental porcelain) used in repairing damaged teeth.
Removable Partial Denture Laboratory Technology IㆍII
Removable Partial Denture Laboratory Technology IㆍII teaches structure, design, and production methods for temporarily binding partial artificial teeth by recovering the teeth and surrounding organs when several teeth are damaged.
Complete Denture Laboratory Technology IㆍII
This course is concerned with the replacement of teeth and organs surrounding the artificial subject. It teaches main landmark mold production, basic model production, and other subjects related to artificial teeth.
Synopsys to Occlusion
This course teaches an overview of and clinical application of occlusion.
Laboratory in Occlusal Morphology
Laboratory in Occlusal Morphology teaches production methods according to shape, usage, attachment, and theories of occlusal morphology.
Inlay Technology & Laboratory Work
Inlay Technology & Laboratory Work teaches about the types and production of material regarding inlay substance that are produced by using inlay materials (including gold, resin, and porcelain) when parts of teeth are decayed or about to be lost.
Basic Dental Laboratory Work
This course teaches about the shapes of teeth and the occlusion surface in an anatomical aspect through WAX based occlusion theory.
Dental Ceramics Laboratory Technology IㆍII
This course teaches overall knowledge related to the principals of physical and chemical combinations that are nesessary in producing materials used for dental prosthesis, metal copying design, and coloring of teeth.
Orthodontic Technology & Laboratory Work IㆍII
Orthodontic Technology & Laboratory Work IㆍII teaches design and production of dental prosthesis devices needed in prevention and therapy of the abnormal occlusion.
Fixed Prosthodontic Laboratory Technology IㆍIIㆍIII
Fixed Prosthodontic Laboratory Technology IㆍIIㆍIII aims to understand the technique used in fixing parts of artificial teeth through practice, based on fixed Prosthodontic technology.
Dental Ceramics Laboratory Work IㆍII
Dental Ceramics Laboratory Work IㆍII teaches about the production of dental ceramics by repetitively practicing material and production methods of ceramic teeth based on Dental Ceramics Laboratory Work.
Removable Partial Denture Laboratory Work IㆍIIㆍIII
Removable Partial Denture Laboratory Work IㆍIIㆍIII cultivates the ability for students to apply their knowledge and skills in clinical circumstances by teaching production methods of partial dentures through repetitively practicing the process and purpose of partial dentures.
Complete Denture Laboratory Work IㆍIIㆍIII
Complete Denture Laboratory Work IㆍIIㆍIII teaches the production methods by repeatedly practicing based on a Complete Denture Study including material and production methods.
Comprehensive Dental Laboratory Work
Comprehensive Dental Laboratory Work teaches knowledge, techniques, and attitude including the production methods of partial artificial teeth and attaching it to the model of occlusion through practice in dental laboratory.
Dental Practice Administration
Dental Practice Administrations teaches procedures, laws for operating dental laboratories as well as work observation on each field's model production according to the inquiry, material managements, and equipment managements.
Special Prosthodontic Laboratory Technology and Its Lab. Work IㆍII
This course teaches introduction of new material and technique required in special prosthodontic substance through examples.
On-the-Job Practice IㆍII
On-the-Job Practice teaches the differences between clinical as and academic aspects by producing prosthesis and cultivates adaptability through new material instruction and new technique.
Public Health Dentistry
This course teaches principles to effectively manage teeth diseases and lower jaw abnormalities and it teaches about the role of a dental technician as well as the relationship with dental prosthetics.
Public Health Regulation
This course aims to inspire responsibility as a medical staff and cultivates quality and ability while teaching medical laws.
Clinical Dental Lab. Technology
This course teaches knowledge required in producing dental prosthesis with a clinical mold based on inlay technology and special prosthesis as well as overall dental prosthetic.
Clinical Occlusal and Laboratory
This course introduces occlusal treatment methods that occur in clinics. Students will learn how to create prosthesis for patients, especially ones that are needed for occlusal treatments.


Dental laboratories, hospitals, dental clinics and self-employment in dental laboratories.