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Dept. of Dental Hygiene

One of the important areas in modern dentistry is the prevention and early detection of oral diseases. The Department of Dental Hygiene aims to train students to become successful dental hygienists by teaching students both basic theories of oral health areas and clinical practices. Through our affiliated dental clinic on campus, Shingu Dental Clinic, the Department allows students to have the opportunities of clinical practices as well as the workings of oral disease prevention, oral health education, and public oral health.

Subject Overview

Introduction to Dental Hygienics
This course identifies the hygienists' role and recognizes the history and curriculum in this field. So, this course provides an introduction of the correct attitude needed to perform the role as a professional dental hygienist.
Dental Morphology & Practice
This course aims to cultivate knowledge related to dental development and growth as well as the ability to distinguish names, appraise and classify teeth.
Oral Anatomy & Practice
This course aims to provide the necessary knowledge for prospective dental hyqienists by establishing the relationship with clinical conditions and an understanding of anatomical knowledge of the jaw and surrounding areas.
Dental Materials & Practice I
This course aims to teach the basic properties and usage of dental materials required in dental treatment.
Preventive Dentistry & Practice
This course lectures on methods to prevent oral diseases, as well as on concepts of preventive dentistry.
This course provides an understanding of the basic concepts of periodontology and applies its knowledge to areas related to gum diseases.
Oral Histology & Embryology
This course gives an understanding of the structures of oral organs and teaches the applications of this understanding in regards to dental treatments.
Dental Materials & Practice II
This course teaches about the materials used in dental treatments and compares their clinical application effects.
Operative Dentistry
This course teaches how to use equipments required in therapy related to operative dentistry.
Dental Nutrition
This course gives an understanding of the importance of daily diet as a method for maintaining healthy gums and teeth while dealing with the nutrition for preserving health as well as digestion, absorption, and excretion processes.
Health Education Information Processing
This course produces educational media and cultivates capabilities to collect and process educational materials. So, this course is meant to utilize this type of technology in dental health care education.
Dental Radiology & Practice IㆍII
Dental Radiology & Practice IㆍII aims to teach diagnosis and preservation methods using radiation coupled with a basic overall knowledge and an understanding of technical principals of new radiological methods.
Public Health Dentistry & Practice
This course lectures on principles and methods to control oral diseases and preventive methods. It teaches about oral health care and diagnosis systems related to problem solving for dental health. In addition, it cultivates the ability to investigate the current state of dental health care and teaches analytic and preventive methods of oral disease through practical exercises.
Pre-Clinical Practice IㆍII
This course gives an understanding of the job of a dental hygienist and teaches techniques regarding diagnosis and preventive action through mannequin exercises, and mock practice.
Oral Prophylaxis & Practice
This course provides an understanding of the organs surrounding the teeth and gums. It also teaches about oral diseases and preventive methods. Students get to practice performing particular tasks as a dental hygienist.
Dental Health Education & Practice
This course teaches about dental health education and its related knowledge for groups and individuals. It lectures on the applications of various educational materials.
Introduction to Clinic I
This course is designed to increase field adaptability through diagnosis practice and also teaches about overall dental treatments.
Dental Prosthodontics
This course lectures on the overall prosthodontic production for recovering oral functions.
Oral Surgery
This course lectures on the disinfection, preparation, and handling of the equipments required in oral surgery and the overall concepts of oral surgery.
This courses lectures on the therapeutic and controllable methods related to oral disease in children.
Community Dental Health & Practice IㆍII
This course gives an understanding of the role of public dental heath care projects including school dental health projects. Students also learn about the operation methods of dental programs required by the community through participation in dental health projects provided by the public health center.
Oral Prophylaxis Practice IㆍII
This course teaches about efficient and skillful oral prophylaxis based on the overall oral prophylaxis theory.
Introduction to Clinic II
This course lectures on various methods of treatment according to the dental condition of the patient. This course teaches operative systems by allowing students to work with actual dental clinics.
Dental Pharmacology
This course discusses applications and relationships between medical drugs and their reactions as used in dentistry. This course also lectures on effects and the impacts using medical drugs.
Oral Physiology
This course teaches about normal functions, characteristic identification and the application of oral physiology.
Orthodontics teaches the role of the dental hygienist as required in an individual diagnosis. This course also lectures on the basic orthodontics meant to correct abnormality.
Contagion Prevention
Contagion Prevention teaches how to prevent disease by effectively isolating germs, which can be transferred in a dental clinic.
Dental Health Care IㆍII
This course lectures on principles and methods used to record and manage documents written for dental diagnosis and dental health care activities in public dental health projects and dental clinics.
Oral Health Statistics
This course enables students to apply basic knowledge of statistics to dental health issues and to analyze data obtained from dental examinations.
On-the-Job Training
This course aims to allow students to practice diagnosing in dental clinics and hospitals.
Oral Prophylaxis Practice III
This course lectures on oral prophylaxis based on its phases according to dental health conditions.
Oral Health Legislations
Oral Health Legislations lectures on overall laws and regulations, which dental hygienists should know, such as medical legislation, medical expert legislation, public heath center laws, contagious disease prevention methods, school heath regulations, etc.
Dental Clinic Management
Dental Clinic Management lectures on practical technique, personnel, insurance, and financial management of dental applications.
Community Medical Service
Community Medical Service aims to cultivate the service mindset and to deal with health preservation by performing medical services for patients who are confined to hospitals and social welfare facilities.
Oral Diagnostics & Pathology
Oral Diagnostics & Pathology lectures on various conditions and causes of oral disease and teaches the relationship between relevant diseases in other parts of the body. It also identifies disease levels according to pathological opinions.
Office Emergency
Office Emergency teaches the information that applies to dental care by imparting concepts and techniques in emergency measures.
Through this course, students will understand the structure of the oral cavity and know the diseases that are associated with it. Students will also learn the causes of oral diseases and their maintenance along with prevention methods so that they will be able to use it in dental clinics.
Public Health (공중 보건학)
This course trains students in the health and medical fields to become experts in the treatment of diseases, health promotion, hygiene, health education, environmental hygiene and so on. Through this course, students will obtain a solid foundation and the knowledge necessary to be successful in the school of health sciences.
Dental terminologies
This course helps students who are studying dental hygiene learn and know basic medical terminologies and fundamental vocabulary that will help them study their major on their own.
Research methods for dental hygiene
Students will learn research methods that include analysis, planning, collecting materials, interpreting data and so on in order to complete a thesis.
Dental Hygiene seminar
Students will learn how to organize all the theories, techniques and skills that they have learned during the past three years to complete a thesis and prepare a presentation.
Oral medicine
This course places more importance on maintaining rather than treatment while understanding the kinds of disorders and various other chronic oral diseases that may affect a person and understand how to take systematic measures. In addition, it targets handling a portion of clinical psychology that is common in today’s people.


Dental hospitals and clinics, public health centers and medical insurance cooperatives.