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Dept. of Social Welfare

Since the dept. of Social Welfare was founded in March 2012 in Shingu College, we have been playing a key role in the advance of practice in the field of social welfare. We emphasizes preparation for professional responsibilities within agency-based social services, particularly those serving vulnerable and at-risk populations. We challenge students to recognize the dignity of all individuals and to foster and strengthen the family and other systems of support. It also aims to develop each student's ability to integrate knowledge, values, and techniques necessary to assume professional stewardship of social welfare.

Subject Overview

Introduction to Social Welfare
This course identifies the social welfare and recognizes the history and curriculum in this field. So, this course provides an introduction of the correct attitude needed to perform the role as a social worker.
Social Welfare Administration
This course provides knowledge of formal and informal institute in social welfare, network from institute to client. And it is for human resource of organization management.
Social work practice theories
This course provides basic concept of social welfare practice, vale, method as a social worker. And this is about the training of assessment, evaluation for support to client.
Community welfare
This is for theory of concept, history, process, method in community welfare. So this provides to empower as a professional social worker for community in understanding of the diverse area.
Skills and Techniques for Social Work Practice
This is focusing the many skills, method, rule of social worker for individual, family, and group. Especially it emphasizes to apply skill, method, rule to client and evaluate in case management and role training.
Human Behavior and the Social Environment
This course provides the knowledge of human interaction and practice, study of individaul, family, organization, society. So it can make to learn human development.
Social Welfare and Law
This is about the concept of social welfare law, life right, value, goal, logic, process of social welfare law. And it teach korean social welfare law, ability to apply to social welfare field.
Research Methods for Social Welfare
This is for research theory in social welfare, scientific method, social method. Especially students learn the shill of research, planning, writing paper, statistical program.
Social Welfare Policy
It is about the concept and goal of social policy of korea and other country. So this course provides the process, content, effect of social policy and students learn the policy and problem of social welfare.
Social Work Practicum
All students take supervision of special worker in social welfare instotute and practice the diverse activity of social welfare. So they can learn real skill, value, role of social welfare.


Teacher in child edu-care center, Home welfare worker, Teacher in after school education, Work in child education company.