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Dept. of Beauty Care

This is the major to cultivate men of ability needed by the industry through specialized practical education for not only hair, skin, and makeup but also nail and even total styling that beauty stylists should be equipped with.

Subject Overview

Basic skin care
This is the course to practice the entire process of facial treatment, and students will acquire hygiene and cleanliness, customer reception, facial cleansing and manual technique, facial pack and mask, and finishing treatment.
Styling Hair
Students will learn about expressions right for the situations by acquiring the components of hair styling and harmonious technique.
Basic make up
Students will acquire the basic theory of makeup and the characteristics and usage of products and also formulate and practice the makeup color customized for each individual.
Nail-art establishment
Students will acquire the basic theory about the nail structure and function and also practice the basic technique of nail care.
Human Physiology
This is the science to raise the basics of scientific theory about the human body by understanding anatomical knowledge and physiological function and also the correlation among the characteristics and functions of organs.
History of Beauty culture
Fashion has laid a field of beauty care culture in the history of mankind, and today, along with the development of science, new types of beauty care culture are emerging. Students will analyze the field of beauty care in the past and the present and anticipate the types of beauty care and its roles in the future.
Etiquette in Customer Service1,2
It provides the understanding of customer service culture and quality service and proper understanding on the importance of information collected from customers and enhanced services.
Through the recognition on the basic concept and theoretical knowledge of aromatherapy and whole person therapy, students will understand the relationship between skin and scalp beauty care and raise application skills to use it.