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Dept. of GeoSpatial Information

The registration, the collection, and use of land information play principal roles in government management and industrial activities. The department of Cadastre & Real Estate students to be competent professionals who play key role in the field of cadastral surveying, registration and geomatic industries which are related to cadastral information. Our graduates have an excellent pass rate in government office, Korea Cadastral Surveying Corporation, surveying and geospatial information industries, and work with pride.

Subject Overview

Cadastral Science
Cadastral Science widens students' outlook on operating cadastral administration as a basic subject related to overall cadastral operations: such as concepts, functions, history and the practical system of cadastral science.
Detail Survey Cadastre
Detail Survey Cadastre develops theory and practical ability related to conclusive cadastral surveying and land alteration of individual parcels; including survey procedure, devices, error treatment and cadastral map revision.
Applied Survey I
Applied Survey I builds up skillful techniques to use in practical business survey sites by practicing leveling, compass, stadia survey, volume survey, that can be applied according to the purpose of each area of survey.
Survey Mathematics
Survey Mathematics teaches the numerical systems required in surveys and enables students to utilize mathematical ability closely connected to various specialized cadastral technique fields.
Cadastral Computerization
Cadastral Computerization teaches operation techniques in order to cultivate capabilities to process computerized cadastral work.
Introduction to Jurisprudence
Introduction to Jurisprudence enables students to understand nature and theory of overall laws regarding property relations, residences, and family life. This course also identifies the spirit and logic of law that a citizen should understand.
Traverse Survey for Cadastre
Traverse Survey for Cadastre cultivates the capability to actively utilize techniques based on firm survey theories of cadastral traverse surveys by instructing the traverse Cadastre survey for installing or repairing traverse points used directly in detailed surveys.
Civil Law
Civil Law helps to understand general theories regarding civil law; such as basic principles, the subject and objects of rights, changes in rights, representation of the law and action, theory of validation
Cadastral Drawing and Calculation
Cadastral Drawing and Calculation gives an understanding of graphical methods and mathematical calculation methods; such as area survey, area separation and boundary line determination while cultivating essential capabilities required in drawing and management of cadastral maps with basic theories of cadastral drawing.
Urban Planning
Urban Planning cultivates problem resolution abilities related to urban planning faced by a cadastral expert by dealing with general contents of urban planning that are closely related with cadastral subjects.
Applied Survey II
Applied Survey II teaches application of survey in order to apply it in the practical based on theory and exercises of basic surveying.
Graphic Information Processing
Graphic Information Processing teaches techniques to operate computer software, which draw and process various drawings.
Cadastral Seminar
Cadastral Seminar provides overall knowledge to practice business as a professional technician.
On-the-Job Training
Cadastral Law
Cadastral Law cultivates application capabilities of cadastral law by studying historical and theoretical backgrounds and analyzing problems of land- related law in Korea and other countries.
Cadastral Information Processing Practice
Cadastral Information Processing Practice lectures on methods and procedures of land register, forestland register, numerical cadastral book, cadastral map and official cadastral records of computer files.
Triangulation for Cadastre
Triangulation for Cadastre is a survey requiring high accuracy in case of forming triangle networks of overall land. This course aims to install and reform the supplement triangular point that is the basic point of traverse survey in frame survey. According to this, it instructs triangulation survey by studying triangulation theory and adjustment of observation value.
Geoinformation Engineering
Geoinformation Engineering teaches principles and applications of various systems, which collect and establish databases, which analyzes and utilizes cadastral data and geoinformation, as well as practicing application programs.
Public Laws of Land
Land Public Laws systematically recognizes effective land use plans; such as urban planning, housing administration system procedures, house construction progress, and national land application plan related to cadastral business execution.
Real Estate Registration Practice
Real Estate Registration Practice teaches procedures and methods for registering real estate while instructing real estate registration law.
Photogrammetry teaches overall principles and planning establishment related to photogrammetry, forming model and plotting practice. This course teaches how to survey topography, cadastral boundary, and facilities of wide area by using arial photographs, satellite images and terrestrial photographs.
Real Property Law
Real Property Law is part of property law. This subject aims to teach essential items, effects, types and changes of real property rights. This course presents the effects of possessory rights, surface rights, servitude, liens, lease rights, pledge rights, and mortgage rights.
Numerical Cadastre
Numerical Cadastre cultivates the capability to process survey calculation and cadastral record books regarding numerical cadastre according to graphical and numerical cadastre for conclusive cadastral surveying.
Administrative Law
Administration is variable due to the extended government in welfare nation. Therefore, this course cultivates operation ability related to cadastral administration affairs by completing theories of administrative law. This course also teaches administration of cadastral administrative affairs by comparing official domestic examples.
Cadastral Practice
Cadastral Practice provides the opportunity to plan and operate cadastral survey and land alteration works, which are the core item in cadastral system operations. This course also cultivates capability to use overall studies through instruction of relevant courses.
Real Estate brokerage practice
Real Estate brokerage practice teaches theory and practical business related to real estate brokerage.
Appraisal of Real Estate
Appraisal of Real Estates enables students to appraise proper land prices by teaching land evaluation, price formation, and theories on land.
Cadastral History
Cadastral History lectures on ancient Cadastre, the development of modern cadastral system and the history of Cadastre. This course cultivates historical knowledge on cadastre by lecturing on the position of the Korean cadastral system and as compared to international ones.
Satellite Surveying
Satellite Surveying teaches theory of satellite surveying based on GPS and trains program operation while enabling students to survey the distance between two points and 3 dimensional survey using satellite signal processing by training three sides survey and trilateral adjustment using base line distance obtained from GPS surveys.


Government Office of Cadastral Registration, Cadastral Registration Corp, Housing Corp, Office of Rail Road, Land Development Corp, etc.