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Services & Facilities

Services & Facilities

  • Library
  • IT Support Center
  • Museum
  • Practice Farms
  • Shingu Botanical Garden
  • Health Center
  • News & Broadcasting Station
  • Continuing Education Center
  • Research Center
  • Shingu Venture Complex
  • Student Service Center
  • Kindergarten
  • Dental Clinic


Our library offers a huge selection of general books, major academic textbooks of each department, and multimedia resources and video materials. The future aim of our library is to construct a state-of-the-art computerized library as well as an electronic library for the effective support of academic research activities.

IT Support Center

The IT Support center is responsible for the effective processing of college schedules, administration, teaching, management, and book handling. It also provides general computer network for college business work.


Shingu College Museum is located at the 'Uchon' building. This museum is built in memory of the founder, 'Uchon' Dr. Chong-ik Lee. The museum exhibits all folk materials, which have been collected since the foundation of the college.

Practice Farms

Sang Juk farm of Shingu College is located in Sungnam-city, Kyungi-do, on a scale of 750,000 square. It has the facilities necessary to be a practice farm for the Dept. of Horticulture and the Dept. of Landscape Architecture of our college. Shingu Botanical Garden The Shingu Botanic Garden maintains a scientific collection of native plants from all parts of Korea. The plants are displayed for the enjoyment and education of visitors and are used for research into plant classification and biology. The Gardens also cultivates plants threatened in the wild. This helps protect them against extinction and provides information which might assist re-introduction to their natural habitat. Gardens area: 586,803m3

Shingu Botanical Garden

The Shingu Botanic Garden includes a huge collection of native plants from all parts of Korea. The plants are displayed for the enjoyment and education of visitors and are used for research of plant classification and biology. Objectives of Shingu Botanic Garden is to collect and conserve plants and to teach botanical science. This garden also serves as the place where interesting aspects of horticulture and landscape design may be seen or demonstrated. Here you will discover all kinds of gardens including Italian Garden and French Garden.

Health Center

The Health Center contributes to the promotion of health control for students and faculty, through prevention guidance of disease, first-aid treatment, health consultation, health education and statistics of health.

Continuing Education Center

We opened the Continuing Education Center in 1998. The aim of the center is to continuing offer educational opportunities to more people in local community. The center offers a variety of programs for students and adults.

Research Center

Shingu College Research Center to researchers in developing their projects aimed toward developing a more creative and excellent educational base fit for the information based society. The staff and faculty at Shingu College are striving to create the optimal environment for education by supporting and publishing a research journal. Research Center is dedicated to establishing an efficient and comprehensive system for the evaluation of our educational and research methods.

Shingu Venture Complex

Shingu College is avidly seeking entrepreneurs who are embarking on new and innovative business ventures to aid in their needs by providing financial help, equipment, technology and instruction in business strategies Our goal is to work with such business pioneers to further the prosperity and advancement of our society and our nation. We support those who are working towards these high goals in every way possible.

Student Service Center

One of our top priorities as an educational institution is keeping the highest quality of education for our students by continually reviewing and updating our programs, keeping in mind the busy schedule of our students. We have established a convenient center where students can acquire information and help them with registration, orientation, notice of various campus events, access to official documents and financial aid services. Such information can also be acquired through the internet by visiting our website.


Our kindergarten has been open since 1982 and is located on campus. 220 children of Sungnam district enroll every year in the three-year courses. In addition, the kindergarten is used as a practice place for the Dept. of Early Childhood Education. We are trying to make one of the best Kindergartens with suitable curriculum and environment for children.

Dental Clinic

This dental clinic, located in the Student Welfare Hall, not only performs the activities of both prevention of dental illness and dental treatments for general citizens including the faculty and students, but also serves as a practice place for students of the Dental Hygiene Dept.