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Dept. of Architecture

Architecture is a professional field of space construction that is based on sensitivity and aesthetics that matches with the function and purpose in a scientific and reasonable method. This department's curriculum focuses on producing well educated experts who are proud of their knowledge in architectural theory. Architecture also wants to educate effective workers who can cope with a mass information society, that includes interior and computer design.

Subject Overview

Theory of Design
Theory of Design helps to understand design concepts and principles in order to introduce theory and application of design. It cultivates the capability to apply the design elements and principles of analyzed examples for practical work.
Perspective Drawing
This course helps to understand principles and properties of perspective drawing as a method to 3 dimensional expression of space. it cultivates the capability to apply on the practical work of interior design through exercising examples of effective application
Drafting & Drawing
Drafting & Drawing improves design skills by practicing detailed drawing of walls, floors, ceilings and furniture connected to a general drawing practice of basic drawing subjects. It strengthens the ability to draw detailed drawings, section drawings, and furniture drawings. This course also teaches drafting methods on the basis of measuring data.
Furniture Design
Furniture Design establishes basic concepts, meanings, types, and properties of furniture that imply important meaning among the relevant elements of interior design. It cultivates the capability to design and understand the system of furniture.
Computer Design IㆍII
Computer Design IㆍII lectures on computer added design methods for technical design and teaches about roles and concepts of computer application in design. It provides opportunities to practice utilizing computers effectively in the design process by teaching application methods of graphic software and other surrounding devices.
Introduction to Computer
Introduction to Computers enables students to establish an academic background and application scope by teaching basic concepts and operating program application of computers, which is the foundation for information technology.
Principles of Business Administration
Principles of Business Administration cultivates the capability to view basic business administration in detail by teaching about overall basic business administration and interior design.
Social Relationships
Social Relationships teaches social values by imparting basic knowledge and attitude to foster upstanding members of society.
Basic Drawing Technique
Basic Drawing Technique teaches and allows our stndents to practice how to express their plan visually and concretely. It builds up the basic abilities that a designer should possess to visually express design work.
Interior Design Theory
Interior Design Theory enables students to apply some of the basic theories of various interior designs to each facility, classified as housing, office, commercial, or public.
Contemporary Interior Design
Contemporary Interior Design helps students to study projects on the basis of understanding style and flow of cultural background through case studies of contemporary designers.
Drafting and Practice
Drafting and Practice teaches the process of practical projects including plan specification drafting for housing design.
CAD I aims to apply itself in practical business through drawing preparation based on the AutoCAD program.
Applied Drawing Technique
This course allows students to repetitively practice detailed expression techniques by improving on Basic Drawing Techniques.
Studio I
Studio I provides theory and exercise of interior design processes based on business office interiors.
CAD II teaches techniques for preparing 3D designs and applying the AutoCAD program based on the contents studied in CAD I.
Working Drawing I
Working Drawing I teaches plan specification drawing based on design contents of Studio I.
Formative Practice
Formative Practice focuses on basic configuration practice, so that our students can experience a sense of cubic formation. This course practices formation based on the aesthetics of shape and principles of design. It also builds the ability to apply materials and basic tools used in design production.
Materials enable students to apply an understanding of various materials used in interior design and case studies of resulting plans.
Construction of Interior
Construction of Interior cultivates the capability to apply the relationship between processes and materials in the business of practical work in order for students to understand interior construction.
Studio II
Studio II provides theory and practice of interior design processes based on commercial space.
Computer Graphic I
Computer Graphic I teaches presentation methods in detail through understanding and training of graphic software, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc.
Working Drawing II
Working Drawing II allows students to practice shop drawing based on the contents of Studio II.
Interior Cost Estimation
Interior Cost Estimation applies itself to practical work by understanding calculation methods of material cost, personnel cost, and other relevant costs required in construction on the basis of shop drawing.
Studio III
Studio III provides theory and exercise of interior design processes based on public space.
Computer Graphic II
Computer Graphic II teaches skills of 3D software, such as 3D Studio Max and Floor Plan based on Computer Graphic I.
Working Drawing III
Working Drawing III practices drawing processes of shop design preparation on a basis of the contents of Studio III
Marketing teaches basic theories. and attitudes for claiming new market and for business management in the field of interior design.
Space Coordination
Space Coordination gives an understanding of practical methods and procedures for interior decoration.
Internship cultivates students' capabilities to connect practical education with actual business by interning in design companies during vacations.
Studio IV
Studio IV practices interior design and exhibition based on students' own ideas and creations.
Working Drawing IV
Working Drawing IV practices plan specification drawing based on Studio IV.
Estimation Practice
Estimation Practice practices estimation of construction costs through actual case studies and theories.


Self-employment as interior specialists, Interior manufacturing companies, Sample development department of export firms, etc.