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Dept. of Florist

A beautiful trinity of flowers, plants, and humans. (三位一體)Nurturing professional florists and gardeners in the field of horticulture. Practical-oriented professionals who are highly regarded at work. People who lead the green culture.
The Department of Florist fosters professional florists and gardeners with a promising vision, who beautifully decorate indoor and outdoor spaces with flowers and plants.

Subject Overview

Color and Flower Drawing
Students will improve sensibilities required for designing by learning color contrasts, the emotions and images of colors, color schemes, and more through lessons on design elements and principles.
Basic Flower Design
Students will learn the basic theories and techniques of eastern and western flower arrangements. They cultivate basic skills required for commercial flower design and event flower design courses by making basic works and products at gardens or home.
Plant Physiology and Experiment
Students will foster basic knowledge of plant physiology (nutritional physiology, reproductive growth, and fructification) as well as application abilities for plant cultivation by studying the principles and theories of plant components and their metabolism.
Floriculture, Horticulture, and Practice
Students will learn about the classification, understanding, and characteristics of flower crops as well as the cultivation, management, usage, and management of flower crops that are widely used for gardening and landscaping in daily life.
Environment Ecology
This course focuses on the environment where humans, plants, and animals live together from ecological perspectives and teaches the basic concepts of maintaining and managing such an environment.
Plant Disease Control Practice
Based on the basic understanding of pathology, students will learn how to control various diseases occurring in ornamental plants, such as trees, herbaceous flowering plants, lawn, and horticultural plants.
Plant Identification Basics
Students will learn plant terminology, plant names, plant characteristics, etc. to cultivate plant identification abilities, which are essential for plant management.
Advanced Flower Design
Students will foster design skills by practicing advanced contents of western flower design and European flower design techniques.
Soil Fertilizer
As a basic study of all horticulture courses, students will learn technologies for increasing the productivity of crop cultivation and the quantity of yields through lessons on soil formation and developmental properties, structure, physical and chemical changes, and fertilizers.
Presentation Techniques
Students will acquire information, such as production, sales, and price trends, as well as cultivate information processing ability required for the plant industry through lectures and hands-on lessons on the utilization of computer software like Powerpoint and Photoshop, and website-building skills.
Students will learn about the types and characteristics of herbs, cultivation methods, types and usage of processed products, and processing methods for each type.
Flower Plant Management
Students will learn about the characteristics and specific management methods of major flower plants used in flower beds, parks, botanical gardens, golf courses, etc., and improve practical gardening ability.
CAD Basics
Based on the drawing method learned in the garden design, students will acquire the basic ability to design interior garden drawing plans using a computer.
Students will cultivate the ability to create and manage garden flower beds by season using various plants, including annual plants, perennial plants, bulbous plants, and flowering trees and shrubs.
Green Interior and Practice
Students will learn about the basics of the types and physiological characteristics of foliage plants, the management methods, such as raising seedling and fertilizing, as well as indoor garden design using foliage plants.
Business Flower Design
Students will master how to make flower products, such as bouquets, flower baskets, packaging, corsages, and bouquets that are mainly produced in flower gardens.
Plant Pest Control Practice
Based on the theory of pestology, students will learn how to control various pests that occur in ornamental plants, such as trees, herbaceous flowering plants, lawn, and horticultural plants.
Lawn Management
Students will learn about the types, characteristics, establishment, and management techniques of lawn, which is a representative cover plant.
Garden Design and Integration
Students will improve their ability to create indoor and outdoor gardens through lectures and hands-on lessons on how to use computer software CAD for garden design and how to write quotations.
Display Flora
Students will learn how to craft products that are both highly artistic and decorative based on the practical skills acquired in the basic, business, and event flower design courses.
Wrapping Art
Students will cultivate the ability to beautifully pack bouquets, flower baskets, flower pots, and foliage plants, which are mainly distributed through flower gardens.
Indoor Garden Construction
Based on an understanding of the characteristics of major foliage plants, students will cultivate the ability to construct interior gardens suitable for the indoor environments of apartment balconies or large buildings.
Event Flower Design
Based on the techniques acquired in basic and business flower design courses, students will learn flower decoration skills for events, such as weddings, workplaces, funerals, Christmas, and opening ceremonies.
Photo Expression Techniques
This course provides an understanding of digital camera handling and photography techniques, specific characteristics of flower photography, and expression techniques in the Photoshop program.
Flower Design
Students will understand the design principles using materials, study the design principles of three-dimensional modeling through hands-on exercises, and learn the trends of new flower designs that can be used for display and commercial use.
Horticulture Management Practice
Based on the basic theory of business administration, students will learn the laws, business start-up procedures, accounting, management strategies, and problems related to businesses of flower gardens or plant (landscape) management companies for improved job performance and management capabilities after employment.
Garden Design Practice
Students will cultivate the ability to design a variety of flower beds such as seasonal, site-specific, rooftop flower beds using the basic design and computer design skills learned in the prerequisite garden design and CAD basics courses
Botanical Education Interpretation
Students will learn the knowledge and skills related to the concept, roles, operation, and management of botanical gardens and develop the ability to plan and provide botanical education and interpretation for students and the general public in botanical gardens.
Plant Diagnostic Treatment
Students will cultivate the comprehensive ability to manage plants by learning methods to diagnose the health condition of flower plants and landscape trees as well as medical treatment methods to solve problems in plants.
Tree Protection Management
Students will acquire practical skills to manage plants by learning techniques to cultivate, protect, and manage ornamental trees, which are one kind of the horticultural plants.
Horticultural Design Project
Students will carry out individual and team projects where they plan and execute horticultural designs to cultivate practical horticultural design skills and abilities to create high-quality works and implement projects.